Wednesday, July 3, 2013

When strangers meet.

I was walking from my dentist's to Espresso this morning, a 10 minutes walk. I was walking on the pavement, jumping over open potholes, dodging overgrown thorny bushes and enjoying the view. So this tall, skinny average looking guy comes up to me from behind a Resource Academia school bus and here is the conversation:

Him: "Mein ne aapse baat karni hai."

Me: "Jee? Kis baare mein?"

Him: "Aap meri friend banjayen."

Me: "Sorry yaar, mein nahi bansakti."

Him: "Kyon?"

Me: "Kyonke mera ek shohar aur ek bacha hai."

Him: "To uss se kia hota hai?"

Me: "Yaar mein shelf pe nahi hoon na. Tum agar wahan 10 minute aur wait karo to bohat larkiyan milengi tumhari age ki."

Him: "Aapki age kia hai?"

Me: "Aapse boht bari hoon. Aap kia ho 24  25?"

Him: (looking at me very carefully) "28 ka hoon mein."

Me: "Mein 32 ki hoon. Haha. I am older."

Him: "Uss se kia hota hai. Acha aap kaam karti hain?"

Me: "Jee. University ke bachon ko parhati hoon. Aur aap?"

Him: "Kahan parhaati hain?"

Me: "Sab batadoon? Inna free na ho. Btw mere saath walk kyon karahe ho? Kahan tak chaloge bhai?"

Him: "Mein Hotel One mein jaraha hoon. Job ka pata karne."

Me: "Acha... yaar bara mushkil hai job milna aajkal. Kahan se parha hai tumne?"

Him: "Sargodha se."

Me: "Acha chalo, woh dekho, tumhara stop agaya yaar. Good luck with the job. I hope you get it."

Him: "Thank you jee."

Me: "Bye bye."

Complete stranger. Friends in 3 minutes and 50 meters. I am loving it.

Oh... and summer vacations are on and I am back!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I am a family girl!

I have been away - for longer than I should have. I haven't been busy with school. Of course not! That's one of the reasons I joined this profession; more time for myself & the family. Family - yes... I had my first baby just a couple of months ago. Now there IS a family and the excuse is more valid. Obviously, I still don't have ME time, especially not after the baby! A baby is a responsibility like no other. It's round-the-clock hard work & requires selfless dedication to this one tiny being who with just one big toothless smile replaces all that fatigue & sleeplessness with a renewed sense of vigor & strength. I think love is a powerful emotion. More than hate. Hate you forget at times. Love stays with you in every living moment. Especially the sort of selfless love mothers are known to have for their children.

So, yes. I had a baby. I HAVE a baby. I haven't blogged lately but my activities can be summed up in the following:
Eat, burp, poop, sleep; 
Feeding, cleaning, counting sheep!

Oh, and talking about babies, I remember meeting two little girls, twins, perhaps 3-4 years old, wearing angel wings to a party. On being asked "Are you angels?", they replied "No! we are human beings." Times have changed and babies are smarter. Like my husband's cousin's two & a half year old son who to everyone's astonishment was counting in Spanish the other day; apparently learnt it on youtube (which he accesses unassisted on his father's cell phone).

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Alive...!!!

It's been what... over 9 months since I last posted anything. There could have been so many reasons for why I haven't posted. But there aren't any. I can't even say I got busy. I know busy and this is not what busy feels like. I found a new job though... to teach marketing & the likes to university students at Forman Christian College University (FCCU). Love it. Never thought I could enjoy teaching so much. It is just not my thing; or at least that's what I believed. Until I realized I can make a qualitative difference in people's lives when I teach inside and outside class. I was thinking...

It's funny how some of these schools like to have multiple descriptors; you know, broaden their market offering. There's FCCU - it's a college AND a university (...and no wonder there aren't enough 'Woman' at FC - because it is clearly a college university For-Man! At least that's what I thought 10 years ago - you know, like YMCA?). Then there's Government College University (GCU); they just had to put it out in big bold letters. We have a baccalaureate program too... and for the bold & daring, we even offer PHD degrees... don't you underestimate us you... people. The funniest however is University College Lahore (UCL). It's a university, but we can double up as a college too. They might as well add an 'S' in there you know... University College School Lahore. A one-stop shop for all your educational needs.

Thank God Kinnaird College is still KC... girls of all ages; but girls forever. and Lahore School of Economics isn't ashamed of the 'S' in LSE... and the kids don't carry Barbie school bags & Ben Ten lunch boxes.

Anyway... I like teaching at FC. It's a fun place & has a great work environment (at least my department does). Now if only I could find inspiration to write again... I would have a life again.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pictures that speak!

Swine Flu - strict precautionry measures for all passangers!

All Salutions for Hair. Yes.

Your guidness father means a lot to me.

What a great place this is - there's always something to make you laugh:)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lost in pronunciation!

Sorry for the long long break. I have been very busy doing nothing. Doing nothing is pretty strenuous and drains my brain of all energy and ideas.

Anyway, so yesterday I was recalling all those funny pronunciation bloopers you might have experienced when reading off an English word written in Urdu script on a banner, shop sign, on a taxi, on a leaflet or in an Urdu book. My mom-in-law has quite a few such bloopers in her memory book. Like that one day when she parked her car in front of an Urdu banner outside a shop that read something like 'Alar-iswanik' which after careful rereading she realized, was 'Ultrasonic'. Or how waiters in Lahore offer you 'sup-rite' when all you want is 'Sprite'. Just yesterday I was reading a house rental ad in Jang Newspaper and I was surprised there's a 'Cream' block in Garden Town but then I realized it was actually Kareem Block - it's just written the same way.

Oh and today as I was driving past some shops in Johar Town, I saw a banner that sounded like 'anonsabal' deal but the English read 'invincible'. No wonder in Pakistan, hospital is 'hasaptaal' and school is 'sakool' or 'iskool' - yeah, school is kool and it's for children not 'chil-durn' - when you write it in Urdu, it does look a little like chil-durn though. Oh and has anyone ever noticed how 'caterers' is always spelled as 'caters' in Urdu? I noticed that too today (since I was consciously looking for mistakes). And a cook is a 'kuk' when spelled in Urdu and when I read it, he is considered a domestic 'seront'. And a female is a 'femeel' because obviously she is responsible for the whole femeeli you know.

How can someone who doesn't know the English word pronounce it correctly when he reads it off in Urdu?? Below is the list of English words that have been mispronounced when read in Urdu. I am sure you guys must have some examples yourself.