Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Annoying predictive text mistakes.

A few days ago, my mom-in-law upgraded to a Nokia 3120. It's a great phone - like all other Nokias, it has a user-friendly interface, nice colorful icons, cool apps and predictive text. Now my mom-in-law, having never used predictive text in her old phone, has no idea what this feature does or can do. So this one fine day, when she texts my husband to ask him what time he's reaching home from work, she mistakenly switches on T9. What ensues is as follows:

Sender               Recipient        Message
Aunty                  Husband         Feedihano non jars!
Husband             Me                  Feedihano non jars?? Where's mom??
Me                     Aunty              What's Feedihano non jars??
Aunty                 Me                  What? Feedihano non jars? What's that?
Me                     Aunty              You sent that to Usman!
Aunty                 Me                  I don't know. Did I send it?
Me                    Husband          She sent it to you by mistake I guess.
Husband            Me                  But what does she mean by this??
Me                    Husband          Rumplestiltskin Froobadish.
Husband            Me                  Whatever.
Aunty                Me                   But what does this mean?
Me                                            ROTFL

Then I realized how funny and sometimes annoying this T9 feature can prove to be. After having tried all sorts of funny bloopers one can pull off with the T9 feature, here are the results:

Actual Phrase                         T9
Let it go!  ------>   Let it in! (I hope it's not a dog we are talking about!)

Oh shit!   ------> Oh shiv! (Oh raam, sita, ganpati!)

I am good  ------> I am home (why would I want to know that?)

We won! ------> We zoo! (Really? I always thought you had a little animal in you)

How bold of her! ------> How cold of her! (Yes - heartless bitch!)

Its a good offer!  ------> Iup a home needs! (What the _ ?)

He is a bald man  ------> He is a able man (Bald and able yes)

See you soon  ------> See you room (number 43 - first floor;))

Out of sight out of mind!  ------> Out of right out of mine! (Yes the right path is the way to mine heart)

What loud music! ------> What love music! (You like it... let me turn it louder)

She sings well  ------> She rings well (I hope you don't say that to her face!)

I hate you!   ------> I have you! (Not for long sweetheart, not for long!)

What a trick!  ------> What a trial! (Yes - it was quite the trial for all of us).

Join me for a meal tonight? ------> Join me for a neck tonight? (Oooh lala!)

I love watching movies! ------> I love watching mother! (Errr... do what - spank your brother?)

...and so on.... - pitch in if you guys have any funny or annoying ones that you have bumped into. I will update this list when I can find some more:)


Anonymous said...

i'm afraid amma's home--> i'm afraid bomb's good :P

Iffa said...

LOL... yes. That mistake can be pretty disastrous.

Shirazi said...

That is what texting is doing to most of us old tmers :-)

Iffa said...

Haha! Yes. Better start carrying your glasses everywhere!:p

Anonymous said...

why is my pan rusty ===>> why is my penis crusty