Friday, July 8, 2011

I am a family girl!

I have been away - for longer than I should have. I haven't been busy with school. Of course not! That's one of the reasons I joined this profession; more time for myself & the family. Family - yes... I had my first baby just a couple of months ago. Now there IS a family and the excuse is more valid. Obviously, I still don't have ME time, especially not after the baby! A baby is a responsibility like no other. It's round-the-clock hard work & requires selfless dedication to this one tiny being who with just one big toothless smile replaces all that fatigue & sleeplessness with a renewed sense of vigor & strength. I think love is a powerful emotion. More than hate. Hate you forget at times. Love stays with you in every living moment. Especially the sort of selfless love mothers are known to have for their children.

So, yes. I had a baby. I HAVE a baby. I haven't blogged lately but my activities can be summed up in the following:
Eat, burp, poop, sleep; 
Feeding, cleaning, counting sheep!

Oh, and talking about babies, I remember meeting two little girls, twins, perhaps 3-4 years old, wearing angel wings to a party. On being asked "Are you angels?", they replied "No! we are human beings." Times have changed and babies are smarter. Like my husband's cousin's two & a half year old son who to everyone's astonishment was counting in Spanish the other day; apparently learnt it on youtube (which he accesses unassisted on his father's cell phone).


Memming said...

You're a super-mom! All the best for you.

Terence said...

Kids are smart nowadays.